Find publications linked to diseases, cellular components, biological processes molecular functions, chemical entities of biological interest, genes and species. Start off with entering some term that you like to search for in the text field below, such as metabolite, pneumonia, lactase activity, BRCA2. The search starts seamlessly when you enter two or more letters. For example, try entering 'meta'.
Below you see terms that start with the text you entered. Click on one or more terms that you are interested in. If you entered 'meta' as suggested beforehand, you see that it matches the ChEBI term 'metabolite' as well as some other terms. Click on the ChEBI term 'metabolite'.
Springer API
A comparison between results returned by the Springer Metadata API and the results returned by opacmo is given here. If you chose the example term 'metabolite', then you will see that some of the documents in the top-25 results of opacmo/Springer actually coincide.
Now you are presented with a list of publications and their linked terms that fit the selection above. Enter another term in the text field to further narrow down your search. The terms that you select on top of the current selection will be added to this query conjunctively. You can remove terms from the search by clicking the close button on top of the category in the previous step.